Relaxed about Analytics?

Why are TOLERANT users more relaxed about Analytics?

Simple answer:

Because with TOLERANT they can rely on the excellent quality of their customer data. They can relax and concentrate on data analysis, because the basis for their evaluations is always meaningful, complete and correct. TOLERANT ensures this with these three steps:


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Complete data and enrich it with features

Rely on consistent, correct and complete data: Your data is checked, completed and automatically enriched in the first step.

  • Gender
  • Salutation
  • Your address
  • Legal form


Merge data from different sources

TOLERANT combines data company-wide in one system. This gives you central access to all the information available on a customer, both online and offline.

  • Sales systems and CRM data
  • Booking data
  • Online data from various touchpoints such as shops, websites, portals, etc.
  • Usage data of products or services
  • Customer service data from ticket systems, etc.


Data aggregation & Golden Record of customers

TOLERANT aggregates all data into a golden record of your customers: You get a holistic 360-degree view of your customers, with all relevant details, information and data. This duplicate-free overall picture is the perfect basis for relaxed, accurate and meaningful analyses.