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> Fast customer search, error-tolerant

> Merge customer data from different sources

> Duplicate search, data cleansing and consolidation

TOLERANT Match (TL Match)

Duplicate matching, data cleansing and address cleansing for address lists and customer data

Well-maintained address lists and customer master data are the basis for successful marketing and sales campaigns. In addition, an error-free address database is crucial for meaningful analyses and statistics. This is the only way to make operational and analytical decisions that drive your business forward. Therefore, it is important to perform a duplicate check on a regular basis to find duplicates and clean up addresses. With TL Match you can find these duplicates in an automated, accurate and error-tolerant way.

Fast and error-tolerant search

TL Match finds address data, products and customers quickly and accurately even in large data sets and even if only fragmentary information is available. The special technology in TL Match also allows you to combine different search options.

Merge customer data from different sources in a clean and error-tolerant way

Legal requirements for data protection make it increasingly difficult to use external data sources for customer data. This makes it all the more important to maintain the high data quality of your own address databases. Addresses must be correct: Only if your customer data is clean can you utilise and deploy it effectively. But the volume of data is inevitably growing. And often customer data has to be maintained and matched in different systems or databases in parallel. With TL Match you can easily merge data from different sources without duplicates.

Accurately find duplicates with TL Match

TL Match finds what belongs together. The easy-to-use software works accurately and error-tolerantly. Powerful search algorithms find data records that match already during data entry, but also during subsequent address cleansing or matching from multiple sources. TL Match’s error-tolerant search takes into account spelling or typing errors in names and addresses as well as different spellings. In addition, you can adapt TL Match to your needs and requirements at any time. For best results, clean data and duplicate-free address databases.

Some examples

recordnamestreetpostal codetown/city
queryAlex SchepanskiMargretenstr. 9Muenchen
resultAlexander SczepanskyMargretenstr. 780331München
queryChristina MaierBachstr. 1Weissach
resultKristina MeyerBachstr. 171287Weissach

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TL Match can do all that:

Interactive search

You are looking for a customer? TL Match will find him for you in a split second. Whether you use a different spelling or enter only partial information: With TL Match’s intelligent search, you can access the customer data you need quickly and accurately. A great help also for call centers and sales.

 Find duplicates

Duplicates in address databases falsify the data basis and can be expensive for postal mailing campaigns. TL Match performs an inter se deduplication and checks your customer master data for duplicates. Matches are grouped together and provided with result probability details and rules.

Classification and Data cleansing: Merge and consolidate sources

TL Match merges address and customer data from different sources and databases quickly and without duplicates using reference matching. You consolidate your data either once directly when merging the addresses. Or you set up a corresponding rule supply process for regular matching.

Check exclusion lists

Are you planning a sales campaign, a marketing campaign or a mailing? Before mailing, the address list used must often be matched against various exclusion lists such as the Robinson list of the DDV (German dialogue marketing association). TL Match checks and cleans your address list quickly and reliably with a negative matching – even if the exclusion lists are of poor data quality.

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