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Fast, error-tolerant customer search

Duplicate search and consolidation

Consolidation of customer data from different sources

Protect and manage your most valuable source: Customer data.

What would your company be without customers? Without customers whose favorable experiences potentially turn them into repeat customers? Who feel that they are well cared for and appreciated? Many processes in your company require well-maintained master customer data in order to operate smoothly. It is vital to have an integrated view of your customers in order to ensure that your analysis results are correct and that you make the right decisions. Creating multiple data records for a single customer (duplicates) should be avoided in all cases.

The challenge

Today, data is used much more intensively than in the past, for both operations and analysis. At the same time, data volumes and demands on data-process quality have risen significantly.Parallel versions of customer data often exist in multiple systems and must be matched to each other on a regular basis. Legal requirements for data protection make the use of external data sources for acquiring customer data more difficult. That is why it is all the more important to take responsibility for ensuring your data is high quality. This requires using the right tools – like TOLERANT Match.

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The solution

TOLERANT Match finds data that belongs together and avoids duplicates in your databases. TOLERANT Software’s high-performance search technology finds data records that belong together even as they are being created, when performing subsequent clean-ups, and when matching records from multiple sources. Thanks to its error-tolerant search technology, TOLERANT Match finds persons even if names contain typing errors or have different spellings. TOLERANT Match can be customized to your specific requirements in order to provide optimal results.

Some examples

 recordnamestreetpostal codetown/city
queryAlex SchepanskiMargretenstr. 9Muenchen
resultAlexander SczepanskyMargretenstr. 780331München
queryChristina MaierBachstr. 1Weissach
resultKristina MeyerBachstr. 171287Weissach

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Typical application areas

 Interactive searches

You can find customers in a fraction of a second, even with partial information or variant spellings. This facilitates work in call centers, sales organizations, and any other processes that require quick, reliable
access to customer data

 Finding duplicates

Internal deduplication allows you to check your customer master for duplicates. Hits are combined into groups. For every hit, you receive detailed information about hit probabilities, rules, and a reference to a head record for the duplicate group.

Consolidating sources

By performing a reference match, you
can consolidate data from different sources. This match allows you to consolidate data once, or even establish standard maintenance processes.

Checking exclusion lists

Marketing campaigns often necessitate allowing for various exclusion lists (for example, the German Direct Marketing Association’s Robinson list). You can
use a negative match to check and
clean up your campaign subscriber lists reliably, even if the data quality of the exclusion lists is poor.

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