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At the heart of marketing is communication between providers of services or products and their potential customers. For personal dialogue with customers via digital channels, customer data plays the central role.

This is the title of a philosophical bestseller by Richard David Precht. However, the question of identity is not just a mental game, it touches on very tangible aspects of modern everyday life. Without a clear identity, not only people get mixed up, but also databases. Duplicates are multiple entries for one and the same client in your database. Such duplicates are not just a nuisance – they can be really dangerous. Why, and how you can protect your company from them, is the subject of this article.

Stuttgart-based software provider TOLERANT Software and Frankfurt-based cloud computing service provider Onlvation are working together to ensure data quality in Salesforce.com’s CRM system using high-quality software. The TOLERANT products are qualified and very proven tools for optimizing customer data and can be easily integrated into existing processes thanks to simple configuration.