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tel: +49 (0) 711 490 448 50
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> Determine new address after move

> Filter undeliverable addresses before sending

> Detect deceased persons in customer base


Address determination of unknown relocated customers

Did you know that about 10 percent of people in Germany move every year? That is about 8 million people. A lot of potential recipients who suddenly can be moved unknown. Stay in touch with your customers. Especially for important mailings – such as goods deliveries or invoices – it is expensive and time-consuming to determine correct addresses.

TL Move does this for you. TL Move determines new addresses after a move or for unknown recipients. The basis is the relocation data of our partner Deutsche Post Adress GmbH & Co. KG, for which you need a separate contract.

This is how the determination of German relocation data with TL Move works: 

TL Move uses an error-tolerant search technology that reliably finds customers even if their spelling differs. The determined hits are counted by TL Move. On this basis, billing takes place with the data supplier, Deutsche Post Adress GmbH & Co. KG. The software has been tested and certified by Deutsche Post Adress GmbH & Co. KG.

Our partner can supply a new address for 60 to 65 percent of persons whose address is unknown. If there is demonstrable interest, you may use the hits to maintain your data.

Check addresses and avoid returns

Another reason for undeliverable postal mailings is deaths: Every year, an average of around 800,000 people die in Germany. That’s a lot of invalid addresses that can show up in address and customer inventories every year. In addition, there are postal addresses that are already known as undeliverable from previous mailings. TL Move checks your address lists before mailing and updates them.

Determine move addresses with always up-to-date data

We keep you up to date: With our automated update service, you always have the latest move data available.

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How TL Move checks and updates your relocation addresses:

recordfirst namesurnamestreetnumberpostal codetown/city
queryMaximilianMusterAlte Str. 112345Musterstadt
resultMaximilianMusterNeue Str.3254321Neustadt

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TL Move can do all this:

Purge inventory addresses

Check your customer base regularly for unknown relocated recipients and determine new addresses after a move.

Address check before mailing

Check addresses and save costs: Ensure deliverability in direct marketing campaigns before mailing. TL Move checks the subscriber list and determines current addresses.

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