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All decisions and processes are only as good as the data they are based on. Many companies are faced with a flood of data: From call centres, from the point of sale, from every touch point of the customer journey, data is collected and stored everywhere. When all this data is at its best, business processes run smoothly. Fast, well-founded decisions with foresight can be made. In our case, top form means: duplicate-free, legally compliant, error-free, clear, complete and up-to-date. The tools from TOLERANT Software offer you exactly that and more.

  • Holistic data integration
  • First-class data quality, across systems and processes
  • Fast and reliable data maintenance and data processing

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Use data quality services directly in the cloud: Tailor a cloud package for your specific needs.

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Validate and standardise addresses. Validate customer data: Choose the right data quality tool for your application.


Comply with the GDPR. Match customer data with PEP and sanctions lists: Meet data protection regulations and compliance guidelines automatically.

Product release TL MPM 2.1

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Release TL MPM 2.1

The latest product release 2.1 of TL MPM can now do even more. With this new version of our TL MPM marketing permission management software, we offer you even more options for managing your customers’ consents and objections in the context of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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This is what our customers say about us:

» TOLERANT Software’s TL Sanction tool means a considerable relief for our clerks in identifying our business partners and at the same time checking compliance guidelines without having to deal with lists or the latest resolutions at political level. This task is performed silently in the background by a clearly defined search algorithm. «

» Only the synergy of OnIvation’s product know-how combined with TOLERANT Software’s data quality expertise forms the optimal basis for data cleansing within Salesforce. «


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