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On Thursday, July 25, 2024, we cordially invite you to the TOLERANT workshop in Stuttgart. We will show you how to search for and find duplicates in databases and how to get a 360-degree view of your customers with TOLERANT Match.

Despite advancing technological developments and a growing awareness of data management, many companies have still not fully realized that high data quality is an essential prerequisite for effective customer relationship management. 
TOLERANT Software Managing Director Stefan Sedlacek was interviewed by the online magazine WebsitePlanet.

TOLERANT Software uses AI-based associative memory technology for the error-tolerant search for duplicates. The TL Match data quality tool from TOLERANT Software thus finds duplicate data records even if they are spelt differently.

Our brand new product video is dedicated to our compliance products TL Sanction and TL PEP. These two tools are crucial for your business processes because they give you legal certainty and help you to adhere to compliance guidelines.

In episode 29 of its Software Developer Podcast, Taktsoft spoke with Stefan Sedlacek, CEO of TOLERANT Software, about customer consent for marketing campaigns. How can this data be collected, archived and proven in an automated way? Which legal aspects have to be considered? What role does data quality play in the execution of marketing actions?

BI-Spektrum spoke with Jörg Vogler, CEO of TOLERANT Software, about how data can be collected and maintained qualitatively so that it can be used well for analytics and artificial intelligence, as well as about what some US companies have ahead of the local ones.

We are looking for reinforcement and are therefore represented again this year at the fair “Karrieretag”.

TOLERANT Software managing director Stefan Sedlacek likes to develop creative ideas for new software functions during a walk. IT-Region Stuttgart accompanied him with the camera on his way through Höhenpark Killesberg.

The latest extension of TOLERANT Post helps companies with location planning, target group and potential analysis. To do this, TOLERANT Post uses CAMEO data that uniquely classifies consumers based on their stage of life and wealth, across Europe.

In a workshop on September 15, 2016 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart, we showed customers and interested parties for which tasks and scenarios they can optimally use the product.