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tel: +49 (0) 711 490 448 50
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Define geo-coordinates for addresses

Check and standardize addresses as soon as they are entered

Check and clean up stock addresses

Check postal addresses. With pinpoint accuracy.

You can only reach your customers if you have deliverable and correctly written addresses. Not just postal – also emotional-cognitive. To prevent errors, addresses must be checked as they are entered. But even that is not enough: Up to 1% of correctly entered addresses become invalid each year as a result of municipal mergers or the renaming of streets. It is therefore also necessary to regularly check the address data and to update changed streets, postal codes or towns or cities.

Improved duplicate identification

“The cookie-cutter approach” is not always negative: A standardized address is an important building block for identifying duplicates and consolidating customer data from multiple sources. Postal standardization before adjustment simplifies the subsequent measures and increases the hit quota. With addresses that are divided into individual fields – such as, postal code, town/city, street and house number – customers can be found with precision.

International formats

Bohemian village? Chinese written in the opposite direction? Country-specific standards and rules in international post make it difficult to use the correct address.
TOLERANT Post is cosmopolitan.

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The solution

TOLERANT Post guarantees communication with the customer and thus creates the basis
for long-term, successful customer loyalty.
With TOLERANT Post, you can check international addresses for over 200 countries and enhance addresses by adding

recordstreetnumberpostal codetown/citylatitudelongitude
queryRhrakerstr. 77S
queryR1 6Mannheim

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Typical application areas

Checking the address when
entering data

When entering data, check immediately whether an address is valid, and standardize the spelling. Speed up data entry thanks to intelligent completion of address components. 

Optimized marketing with

Using a postal address, TOLERANT Post can define geo-coordinates, which are an important factor for planning and control in the areas of marketing and sales. 

Cleaning up database addresses

Check your address data quickly and securely with TOLERANT Post in batch mode. You receive standardized addresses and detailed results regarding the address quality in your database.

Address check before sending

Check addresses and save costs. Guarantee deliverability in direct marketing campaigns before shipping: TOLERANT Post checks the list of recipients as a file and filters out any incorrect addresses.

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