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> Check and standardize addresses immediately upon entry

> Determine geo-coordinates for addresses

> Check and clean up inventory addresses


Address validation and address cleansing

If you want to reach your customers, you need correct address material. Nothing is more annoying than an expensive catalogue that ends up in the trash instead of the right recipient. And when you reach your customers, it is important that the salutation and names are correct. Because anything else doesn’t leave a good impression – and it’s precisely this good impression that is crucial in advertising and marketing campaigns. That’s why TL Post checks your address material for possible errors directly during data entry. This leads to a significantly higher address and data quality. But even correct data can change: Up to 1 percent of addresses become invalid each year due to incorporations and street renamings. With TL Post you can regularly check your address database and update streets, postal codes and cities.

Better address quality for reliable duplicate detection

TL Post checks and standardizes your address database and thus supports further measures such as duplicate recognition. The software uses postal standardized addresses as a basis, which are divided into individual fields such as postal code, city, street and house number. This standardization simplifies further measures and increases the hit rate when you are specifically looking for a particular customer.

Duplicates in address databases can be expensive. Not only might a customer receive the same mailing more than once. Duplicates can also distort company statistics and analyses.

Address validation national and international

TL Post knows Bohemian villages and speaks Chinese. No matter from which country your addresses originate: TL Post is cosmopolitan and at home everywhere. The software takes into account the respective country-specific standards and rules, even for international postal traffic.

With lifestyle data and data quality to the exact target group

Lifestyle and living conditions play a significant role in most of your customers’ purchasing decisions. So if you know these factors, you can target your customers better and more precisely. The current extension of TL Post enriches your addresses with this so-called lifestyle data. This allows you to identify potential and increase your market share in the long term. To do this, TL Post uses CAMEO data, which classifies consumers in a unique way based on their life stage and wealth, Europe-wide. This classification supports you in location planning, target group and potential analysis. In addition, you can use this data to identify and standardize geographic roles for Big Data analyses (country/region/state/zip code area/sales territory). Another plus for your sales: TL Post also enriches your addresses with territory structure data, for example GKZ (German Community Identification Number according to Official Municipality Key), statistical district and more.

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TL Post: Address validation, address cleansing and geo-coordinates

TL Post ensures first-class address quality and safeguards communication with your customers. In this way, you create the basis for long-term successful customer loyalty. With TL Post you can validate and qualify addresses for more than 200 countries and territories and enrich them with geo-coordinates.

recordstreetnumberpostal codetown/citylatitudelongitude
queryRhrakerstr. 77S
queryR1 6Mannheim

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TL Post can do all this:

Address validation during data entry

Already during data entry TL Post checks if an address is valid. Standardize spellings and speed up data entry with intelligent completion of address components.

Accurate marketing with geocoding and lifestyle data

Based on a postal address, TL Post can determine geocoordinates and add lifestyle data. Both are important factors for planning and controlling in marketing and sales.

Clean up existing addresses

Check your address data quickly and reliably with TL Post in batch mode. You receive standardized addresses and detailed results about the address quality in your inventory.

Address check before mailing

Check addresses and save costs: TL Post checks the subscriber list of your direct marketing campaign as a file and filters out incorrect addresses. This way you increase deliverability and reduce returns.

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