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> Compliance Screening: Conducting International Business Safely

> Matching Customer Data with Sanction Lists at Data Entry

> Checking Business Contacts Legally Compliant and Regularly

TOLERANT Sanction (TL Sanction)

Sanction List and Compliance Screening

Are your international business partners, customers and suppliers trustworthy? Be on the safe side: With TL Sanction you can reliably and error-tolerantly check your customer data against the relevant embargo and sanction lists as soon as they are entered. Possible hits can be sorted out at an early stage with this anti-terrorism check, while at the same time complying with legal guidelines.

Sanction List Check

In 1999, the UN Security Council first compiled a list of suspected supporters of extremist and terrorist groups. Based on this, the EU maintains its own lists, which are regularly reviewed and updated. In Germany, the sanction lists are published by the Bundesanzeiger Verlag. According to EU regulations, no business relations may be conducted with these sanctioned persons, organizations and associations. With TL Sanction you are on the safe side: You reliably check the master data of your customers, partners and suppliers against the legally required lists.

Politically exposed persons

According to the EU anti-money laundering directives, financial service providers such as banks and insurance companies are obliged to identify customers who are on PEP lists. PEP stands for “Politically Exposed Persons.” TL Sanction checks your customer base in an error-tolerant way and lists all affected customers.

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TL Sanction: Anti-terror check, sanction list check and compliance screening

TL Sanction checks the data of your business partners quickly and error-tolerantly. Even if the names are misspelled or questionable, TL Sanction delivers reliable results with its error-tolerant matching procedure. With this compliance screening, you are on the safe side. You act legally compliant according to EU regulations and reliably protect yourself against fraud attempts.

The following anti-terror lists, sanction lists and embargo lists are supported by

Supported lists (extract)

    • EU lists (according to the Bundesanzeiger Verlag)
    • US lists (DPLUS), which consists of
      • DEB: US List of Statutorily Debarred Parties
      • DPL: US Denied Persons List
      • ENT: US Entity List
      • GO3: US General Order 3 to Part 736
      • NPS: US Nonproliferation Sanctions (9 partial lists)
      • SDN: US Specially Designated Nationals (OFAC) (32 partial lists)
      • UNV: US Unverified List
    • Various lists (DPLAU/DPLUK/DPLJP), which consist of
      • AUS: AU Australia DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
      • HMT: UK United Kingdom HMT (Her Majesty’s Treasury)
      • MET: JP Japanese End User List METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
    • PEP lists (e.g. from our partner info4c)

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TL Sanction can do all this:

Sanction list check during data entry

Already during data entry you check customer and supplier data against sanction lists and embargo lists. So you find hits in time and can act accordingly.

PEP list check during data entry

Legally compliant according to the EU’s anti-money laundering line: Check already at data entry stage whether customers are on the PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) list.

Regular compliance check of the customer base

Sanction lists, embargo lists and PEP lists are always changing. With TL Sanction you can regularly check your master data and keep it permanently safe and “clean”.

White and black lists

You can have the check results entered in white lists or black lists after the inspection: You avoid the repeated reprocessing of hit addresses, exclude persons and can thus reduce your financial expenditure as well as the risk potential.

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