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Check and convert database data as you enter it

Convert account numbers and sort codes into IBAN

Check BIC and define from IBAN

Convert account numbers and sort codes into IBAN. Seamlessly.

New year, new facts – as of 2014, the following applies: “The most important innovation for bank customers is a key number that, in future, will replace all national account details (in Germany, it will replace the account number and sort code): The IBAN (International Bank Account Number). The IBAN is a different length, depending on the country (in Germany, it is always 22 digits) but, in principle, it is always structured in the same way: It consists of an international part, which is composed of a country code and a check digit, and a national part, which contains individual account details. In Germany, this is the sort code and account number.”
(Source: German Federal Bank)

For you, this means the following: Existing account data must be converted. All of it. Reliably. Completely.

Previously, the bank name, sort code and account number were stored as account data for German customers. These now have to be converted into the IBAN.

Checking German account numbers and sort codes

You can use check digits to check that the structure of an account number is correct. There are over 100 different procedures that have been published by the German Federal Bank.

BIC (SWIFT) – indispensable

“For domestic transfers and direct debits, it is expected that, by February 2014 (and by February 2016 for cross-border payments), yet another code will have to be specified: BIC (Business Identifier Code). This is an international standardized bank code (comparable with the sort code in Germany) that is used to uniquely identify payment service providers across the world.”
(Source: German Federal Bank)

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The solution

TOLERANT Bank checks and converts account information. With TOLERANT Bank, you can validate existing information on account numbers and sort codes, and transfer this to IBAN. TOLERANT Bank checks BIC data and can derive BIC data from IBAN data.

IBAN / BIC format

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Typical application areas

Checking bank data

When entering data, immediately check whether account numbers and sort codes are valid, and easily convert these into IBAN or BIC.

IBAN stock conversion

Check and convert the existing account and bank data for your customers into the new IBAN.

Bank search

Speed up data entry thanks to an intelligent bank search.

SWIFT LogoDetermine and check the BIC

Check the existing BIC information and automatically define the BIC from the
IBAN data.

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