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> Validate bank details

> Check account numbers already during input

> Automatically add missing features


Check bank details already at data entry and avoid payment rejections

Companies dealing with direct debit mandates and bank transfers know how costly and time-consuming return debit notes and payment rejections can be. Often, invalid account numbers are responsible for the financial and bureaucratic effort that then arises. With TL Bank you can check and correct bank data at the time of entry and avoid such rejects and costly manual corrections.

Validate bank details with TL Bank

TL Bank is a validation system for bank details. Reference data is integrated into the application, which is used to check the validity of the data and to complete or correct it if necessary.

Check IBAN and bank data already during data entry

TL Bank can already check during data entry whether the IBAN is syntactically correct, all specifications for the structure of an IBAN are met and the IBAN can be clearly assigned to a bank. If everything is correct, the IBAN is valid. Missing information about the bank – such as the complete bank name, bank code, BIC, postal code or city – is enriched by TL Bank with reference data from SWIFT. Reference tables and check digit algorithms of the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) as well as city and suburb directories serve as data source for the German version. The reference data is kept up-to-date by us. Programme modifications and enhancements are made as part of the update process. In the current international version TL Bank is available for all 75 official IBAN countries. For bank names, the TOLERANT search with integrated synonym and stop word catalogues is used for the bank name determination, as well as the city/subcity determination known from TL Post. The matching is based on the proven technology of TL Match.

What is the BIC?

  • 4-digit bank code
  • 2-digit country code
  • 2-digit coding of the city
  • 3-digit identification number of the branch (optional)

Together with the internationally standardized account number IBAN, it is used to identify an account in the SEPA area (Single Euro Payments Area) and for euro transfers, which have been valid since 2008, in order to identify a recipient perfectly in both national and international payment transactions. The SEPA area consists of the 28 EU member states, the other EEA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well as Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino. In the SEPA area, standardized procedures are offered throughout Europe for cashless payment transactions.

IBAN / BIC format

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Typical areas of use

Check bank data during data entry

Check immediately during data entry whether the account numbers and bank codes are valid and correct them if necessary.

Stock conversion IBAN

Convert existing German account numbers and bank codes of your customers and calculate the corresponding IBAN/BIC.

Bank search

Speed up data entry with an intelligent bank search.

SWIFT LogoDetermine and check BIC

Check existing BIC (banc code) information and automatically determine the BIC automatically from IBAN data.

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