Microgeography meets marketing

With lifestyle data and data quality to the exact target group

The latest extension of TOLERANT Post helps companies with location planning, target group and potential analysis. To do this, TOLERANT Post uses CAMEO data that uniquely classifies consumers based on their stage of life and wealth, across Europe.

Milieu and lifestyle play a significant role in most purchasing decisions. That’s why lifestyle data improves your customer targeting, enabling you to better identify potential and increase market share in the long term.

Based on a comprehensive “Audience Targeting System”, the CAMEO data offers a comprehensive microgeographic segmentation option to describe residential environments. In Germany, the CAMEO data contains 44 classifications according to social strata, financial power and life stage. These are in turn grouped into nine main groups and are clearly distinguishable from each other.

CAMEO-based enrichment of customer data helps companies to better understand their market structures and target groups. Classic fields of application for CAMEO include data mining, customer communication, forecast scenarios, and territory and location planning. This combines TOLERANT Post with postal address validation. Data quality and data enrichment are thus available in one step.

In addition, TOLERANT Post offers easy integration into existing systems such as CRM systems, databases and data warehouse systems.

You want to move to the cloud with your systems – TOLERANT Post also offers an easy-to-use basis for this thanks to its superior technology. A direct connection to cloud databases such as Microsoft Azure or the data warehouse system Amazon Redshift is available.