We cannot do everything ourselves, and we don’t want to. Our partners provide us with important components and reference data. They help us to integrate our products in ERP, CRM or cloud systems, and provide support in the optimal implementation of your data quality tasks.


Our strategic partner for automatic validation and standardization of postal addresses across the world.

“Since 1991, AddressDoctor’s software for checking and correcting has been setting the highest standards with regard to quality, processing speed and expertise. Today, AddressDoctor GmbH, whose headquarters is in Maxdorf near Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, is one of the world’s leading providers of certified address checking.”

informatica AddressDoctor

Reguvis Fachmedien

Our partner for international sanctions list for TOLERANT Sanction. 

Reguvis Fachmedien GmbH provides high level data services for the integration of regulatory requirements in customer-oriented solutions in the areas of expertise foreign trade, customs and export control – developed with close proximity to the legislative authorities. In addition to specialized media and a large offer of professional trainings, Reguvis prepares a wide range of data content portfolio. HADDEX Sanktionslisten Online, TARIFE PREMIUM, TARIFE MULTILANGUAGE and TARIFE EXPORT as well as PräfIS origin rules – as a data service in our download center or user-friendly online database.”


Deutsche Post Adress

Our partner and supplier of move data for Germany.

“Deutsche Post Adress GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading providers of address management solutions in Germany. This specialist for updating and researching addresses was founded in 1994 as a joint venture of Deutsche Post and Bertelsmann.”



Provider of high-quality PEP lists (political exposed persons) for TOLERANT Sanction.

“info4c is a global provider of high-quality customized compliance information, which was founded more than 10 years ago as a pioneering Swiss provider of specialized compliance reports. info4c solutions are customized and selected to comply with the relevant legislation, and serve the specific purpose extremely efficiently: Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), prevention of the financing of terrorism, fraud and corruption (e.g. FCPA and Bribery Act requirements).”



Our partner for integrating TOLERANT products with salesforce.

“The term “service” is taken literally in our company. We are at your service. For us, you are at the center of everything. We align ourselves to you, and not the other way around. If you demand a service, we are only too happy to provide it. As manufacturer-independent consultants, we create tailored solutions for you. You do not have to adapt your company processes to solutions – we adapt the solutions to your processes.”



Our partner for integrating TOLERANT products in Oracle/Siebel.

“Reply is a leading company in the areas of consulting, system integration and application management. This company specializes in the development and implementation of solutions based on new communications channels and digital media. Reply develops and implements solutions with the aim of optimizing companies’ business processes. These solutions are based on innovative technologies and they simplify communication with customers, business partners, suppliers and employees.”



Our partner for company information and data enhancement of company data.

“webvalid provides you with business information from all industries, so that you can ensure advertising success at the touch of a button. Choose from over 4 million data sets from an online data pool – including simple operation of our software and fast results. The data sets are validated using web crawlers. This enables us to deliver updated quality at a great price.”

webvalid AG

Our partner for cutting-edge and high-quality company and personal data.

“Since 1999, FINbot has specialized in the daily extraction and automated processing, analysis and interpretation of semantic content from the Internet. With FINbot Smart Data, you leverage the gold of the internet for your B2B business – from customized company, personal and job data to market analysis. Data-based enrichment enables you to do market monitoring, lead research and customer engagement.”


AM Solutions

Our partner for the integration of TOLERANT products into the Dealer Management System cidcar.

“As a modern car dealership software, cidcar offers all the necessary modules and functions for the effective and transparent processing and management of a car dealership or workshop of any imaginable size. Everything is based on a central customer and vehicle base. Cidcar is much more than just a motor vehicle enterprise resource planning system. For example, all activities from all business areas are chronically and transparently displayed, starting with the initial contact, test drives, follow-up actions, new vehicle sales, used vehicle purchases, service visits and other CRM measures.”

AM Solutions GmbH


Integration partner for TOLERANT products and service provider for order data processing.

“We help you to use your customer data more effectively. We analyze, check, standardize, enhance, deduplicate, consolidate, select and format your customer data as a basis for business processes and decisions. Using the data that we clean up, you can tap into new customer potential, run successful campaigns with customers, provide clean data for employees who are in contact with customers, and measure your successes.”