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tel: +49 (0) 711 490 448 50

Product support

»TOLERANT Bank« product versions

VersionTypeDate of publicationEnd of support*Release Notes
11.0Major02.05.202202.05.2024 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 10.0
10.0Major16.04.202016.04.2022 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 10.0
9.0Major01.01.201901.01.2021 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 9.0
8.0Major29.12.201729.12.2019 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 8.0
extended until 01.12.2018
 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 6.0
5.0Major01.06.201601.12.2017 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 5.0
4.0Major04.12.201504.06.2017 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 4.0
3.0Major03.06.201503.12.2016 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 3.0
2.0Major04.12.201404.06.2016 TOLERANT Bank Release Notes 2.0

* The end of support of a main release is automatically extended if the following main release is delivered more than 18 months after the previous one. This way we always want to give you at least 6 months time for testing and integration.

Please note that older releases that are no longer supported are not included.

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