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Different encodings are a major source of problems during data migration. These include character codes such as UTF-8 and ASCII, as well as different alphabets such as those used in Japanese. If data records from different systems are merged, they must therefore be cleansed and recoded before migration. The data quality tools from Stuttgart-based software specialist TOLERANT Software can provide support here, as they can read and analyse texts from different writing systems.

Some may see data migration as a chore when introducing new IT systems. However, it is exactly the opposite: Data migration is a great opportunity to systematically cleanse and reprocess data and, if necessary, enrich it with external data.

TOLERANT Software has been active on the Asian market since 2014. Connected to this are many visits of the management and the consultants to Tokyo. While the film shows a rather gloomy, melancholic picture of Tokyo, our experiences at TOLERANT are completely different.

Data migration is an ideal opportunity to sort, cleanse and prepare customer data.