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tel: +49 (0) 711 490 448 50
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> Check and structure names immediately upon data entry

> Generate correct salutations for your customers

> Best data quality for further processing


Check names reliably and structure them uniformly

Your female customer receives a high-quality catalogue – and is addressed as a gentleman. Another customer may have been annoyed for a long time that his doctoral title is mentioned incorrectly or not at all in every newsletter that reaches him. Such slip-ups are not only unpleasant – they are also superfluous. Because TL Name validates the names of your customer data already during data entry.

Name validation already during data entry

When entering customer names, many errors can creep in. Because names consist of several elements. Often, however, these elements are entered in a single field or are stored in the wrong field. In a hurry, careless mistakes can occur. For the correct customer address – e.g. in the letter salutation – you must know the individual building blocks such as salutation, title, first name and last name and combine them correctly.

TL Name analyzes, standardizes and structures the name components in your master data and helps you to address your customers with the correct name. In addition, TL Name checks your address database against reference lists of valid names and evaluates the plausibility of the data entered.

Best data quality for correct salutations and successful data processing

TL Name can both check your inventory data and be used directly during data entry. The result: a consistently high level of your data quality. Your data is uniformly structured and thus perfectly prepared for further processing, for example the generation of salutations for marketing campaigns, duplicate recognition or customer clustering.

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How TL Name validates and structures your data:

recordtypeaddresstitlefirst namesurnamecompanylegal formquality
queryTestmann GmbH
resultFirma[leer]Testmann GmbHGmbH****

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TL Name can do all this:

Name check during data entry

Check, validate and structure your data already during data entry. With TL Name data entry is easier, faster and error-free.

Generate letter salutations

With TL Name you can automatically generate letter salutations from the name components and always address your customers correctly.

Check names

Check and evaluate the names of your existing customers with TL Name. The quality marker helps you to find names with weak points.

Structuring for duplicate check

With cleanly separated name elements (salutation, first name, surname), you can accurately identify duplicates.


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