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Check and structure the names immediately when entering the data

Assess the quality of the names

Generate the salutation and letter salutation

“A precious jewel is the queen’s good name.”

Friedrich Schiller knew this. Nothing is more embarrassing that addressing a customer with the wrong name, sometimes even more than once. To ensure that this does not happen, you must carry out careful checks when entering the data.

The anatomy

Names consist of various elements. However, names are often entered and stored in one field. To address the customer correctly (e.g. a letter salutation), you must, however, also know the individual building blocks of the name, such as salutation, title, first name and surname.

The quality

Spelling mistakes happen quickly in the hectic rush of everyday life, especially in complicated or foreign names. It is also sometimes the case that salutations and first names do not go together. These errors can only be uncovered or prevented if you compare the entered data with reference lists that contain the valid names and check the plausibility of your entries. To do this manually takes a lot of effort. You therefore require a solution that carries out this task for you.

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The solution

TOLERANT Name analyzes, standardizes and structures name components in master data and helps you to address your customers with the correct name.

With TOLERANT Name, you can prevent input errors and guarantee a uniform, consistent and high-quality formatting of the name in your customer master data.

This forms the basis for many important follow-up processes, from the identification of duplicates using customer clustering through to addressing customers in campaigns.


recordtypeaddresstitlefirst namesurnamecompanylegal formquality
queryTestmann GmbH
resultFirma[leer]Testmann GmbHGmbH****

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Typical application areas

Name check when entering data

Check the input immediately to prevent errors. Simplify and accelerate the process of entering names.

Generate letter salutations

Use TOLERANT Name to automatically generate letter salutations from the name components and thus ensure that you address the customer correctly.

Check names

You can use Tolerant Name to check and assess the names in the database. The quality mark helps you to find names that have weak points.

Structuring for the duplicate check

With cleanly separated name elements (salutation, first name, surname), you can accurately identify duplicates.


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