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In a workshop on September 15, 2016 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart, we showed customers and interested parties for which tasks and scenarios they can optimally use the product.

Customer data is the indispensable foundation of many business activities, especially cloud-based ones like Salesforce. But like any foundation, customer data is not an eternally stable affair. Viewed from a sober distance, a large customer database is more like a gently but constantly churning ocean.

For the second time, the world of Customer Relationship Management met for three days in the Stuttgart exhibition halls at the beginning of October 2014. For us it was also the second trade fair participation in the still young company history.

The fact that Salesforce’s CRM software is a global success story must be acknowledged without envy – pole position on the world market, over 100,000 customers in medium-sized and large companies, that speaks for itself. But there is a certain sporting appeal in tuning the champion a little more. That’s why we’ve designed a number of tools to further enhance Salesforce’s performance. The result is called TOLERANT Salesforce Connector.

This is the title of a philosophical bestseller by Richard David Precht. However, the question of identity is not just a mental game, it touches on very tangible aspects of modern everyday life. Without a clear identity, not only people get mixed up, but also databases. Duplicates are multiple entries for one and the same client in your database. Such duplicates are not just a nuisance – they can be really dangerous. Why, and how you can protect your company from them, is the subject of this article.

Socks disappear in washing machines, duplicates are created in computers. The ghostly life of matter is probably one of the last great mysteries of existence. But while missing socks usually remain lost for all time in the orcus of the unfathomable, modern science can already understand the appearance of duplicates quite well.

Number of inhabitants in Germany who have never moved, Number of inhabitants of Germany who have moved 2 times in their lifetime, Number of people in Germany who have already moved 6-9 times…

Stuttgart-based software provider TOLERANT Software and Frankfurt-based cloud computing service provider Onlvation are working together to ensure data quality in Salesforce.com’s CRM system using high-quality software. The TOLERANT products are qualified and very proven tools for optimizing customer data and can be easily integrated into existing processes thanks to simple configuration.

There is little sign of a reflective Christmas season in the distribution centres of postal service providers. It is true that the number of electronically sent items has been steadily increasing for years. But when it comes to sending Christmas wishes or New Year’s greetings to customers, suppliers or interested parties, companies continue to rely on the classics – cards and letters. Every year, service providers face a major logistical challenge.