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Do you know anyone who likes to move? – Neither do we. Nevertheless, every year around 10% of the population in Germany packs their bags and sets off for new shores – if you count the relocation of companies, that’s over 20,000 moves every day!

Zum Glück haben sich die Zeiten seit den Tagen des Eisernen Kanzlers geändert. Umzugskisten mögen so schwer sein wie eh und je – der Umgang mit Adressänderungen aber ist heute leichter denn je.

Number of inhabitants in Germany who have never moved, Number of inhabitants of Germany who have moved 2 times in their lifetime, Number of people in Germany who have already moved 6-9 times…

»Our data only ever reflects the picture of the moment. Even correctly recorded data ages and becomes invalid.«

Every year, around 4.8 million households in Germany move. With an average household size of 1.75 persons, this corresponds to more than 8.4 million people with a new address. And the trend is increasing; because with the course of globalisation, the labour market demands more flexibility and mobility from all of us.

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