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> Implement Permission Marketing Requirements Easily

> Collect, Manage & Prove Consents Seamlessly

> Effective Dialog Marketing According to EU-GDPR

TOLERANT Marketing Permission Management (TL MPM)

Permission marketing is all about consent

You want to send a newsletter? Contact customers by phone? For this, you first need the permission of your customers. You need this permission to contact them not only for direct contact, but also if you want to collect and analyze data. Do you want to use data analysis to find out which product recommendation is promising or when the best time to buy is? You may not collect the data for this without the consent of your customer.

With TL MPM you can collect, archive, manage and prove these consents.

Collecting consent from the customer

The so-called permission marketing includes different variants of consent. The simplest and best known is the double opt-in process, by which prospective customers confirm that they wish to receive a newsletter. Each newsletter must also contain a notice or link for possible unsubscription. Further customer contacts are not permitted on this basis.

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Federal Data Protection Act and EU General Data Protection Regulation.

In May 2018, a new EU Basic Data Protection Regulation came into force. For this and for more complex activities than a newsletter, additional declarations of consent must be obtained from the customer. With TL MPM, you manage all necessary consents, declaration texts and consent options clearly and quickly accessible – if required in all necessary languages.

The customer’s consent passes through several stages in the process:

  • Obtain the consent of your customers – without gaps
    With TL MPM you know exactly who has already agreed to the marketing contact and who has not. And therefore only re-contact those customers who have not yet decided.
  • Reliably implement customer decisions
    TL MPM informs you whether the customer has given the required consent for a contact, for data sharing or for data use. If the customer changes his mind, you can take this into account immediately and comprehensively – e.g. if customers demand a complete stop of all further advertising.
  • On request, you can provide complete proof of consent
    Your customer demands information about the use of his data? According to the Federal Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, you are obliged to provide this proof. With TL MPM the documentation is easy and complete. You can quickly and clearly provide information about the sources of the data, the collected consents and the use and further processing of the data.

TL MPM is an important tool for modern and successful omni-channel marketing: With TL MPM’s consent management, the seamless collection and application of marketing permissions works easily, quickly and clearly.

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TL MPM can do it all:

Clear management of all consents

You can see at a glance which customers have agreed to a marketing contact. Consents are matched with your customer base and can be linked to marketing campaigns.

Collect missing consents effectively

Because you can see which consents are in place, you effectively and purposefully collect missing consents from various points of contact and avoid unnecessary duplicate surveys of your customers.

Legally compliant marketing

Proof of the use of personal data in the sense of paragraph 7 (1) of the GDPR, consideration of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and, since 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

EU-wide / international use

TL MPM manages declaration texts and consent options in all required languages as an international solution.

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