Sweet duplicates at the CRM Expo 2014

For the second time, the world of Customer Relationship Management met for three days in the Stuttgart exhibition halls at the beginning of October 2014. For us it was also the second trade fair participation in the still young company history.

CRM Expo 2014

After the successful debut in 2013, this year we presented not only classic data quality solutions. A real premiere was the presentation of “TOLERANT Data Protect”*, our new development for central management of data protection consent declarations (opt ins) in decentralized sales structures. The reactions to this so far unique offer were consistently positive. “TOLERANT Data Protect”* helps companies with multiple customer contact points such as homepage, POS and call center with their marketing activities.

TOLERANT Data Protect

Especially on the first two days of the trade show, the number of visitors exceeded our expectations. A special eye-catcher was a larger-than-life mirror with multiple curvatures. Many visitors were amused in front of it at the sight of their comically distorted mirror image. Of course, it would be less funny to have such a distorted view of a company’s customer data. Therefore, the TOLERANT trade show presentation was primarily about our tools for building and maintaining error-free customer data inventories.
Those who wanted to, could take a selfie in a specially set up photo box to commemorate the visit and take the printout with them. Like the distorting mirror, this picture also had an artistic distortion built in – as a playful reminder of our motto “Clear view of your customer data”.

*Our former product TOLERANT Data Protect is now called TOLERANT Marketing Permission Management.

Trade fair congress IT for insurance companies

TOLERANT has been dealing intensively with the topic of compliance for years. For this reason, we were present at the “IT für Versicherungen” trade fair congress in Leipzig this year. Interested insurance companies were given an insight into our solutions specifically for the insurance industry – for example, for identifying persons who, due to their function, are not entitled to receive tip commissions for brokering company life insurance policies.

We are currently planning for 2015 and will inform you in good time about the exact dates in our newsletter.