How to avoid duplicates in Salesforce

The fact that Salesforce’s CRM software is a global success story must be acknowledged without envy – pole position on the world market, over 100,000 customers in medium-sized and large companies, that speaks for itself. But there is a certain sporting appeal in tuning the champion a little more. That’s why we’ve designed a number of tools to further enhance Salesforce’s performance. The result is called TOLERANT Salesforce Connector. This starts where performance had reached its limits so far: Duplicate checking is greatly improved, a postal check is installed in the first place, and a number of supporting functions are added when creating new records.

Among these new functions is normalized autocomplete: you enter a few characters, and as soon as the system recognizes meaningful combinations, it makes suggestions for the complete term. In addition, postal correctness is checked as well as the presence of duplicates. If there are any, the software brings all the questionable data to light and presents it to you in bundles, so that a clear check is as simple as possible.

Even the previously often tricky transfer of a prospect to the customer file is now easier – no more re-entering, including all potential errors and mistakes, but quick and safe change of status with one click. Last but not least, you can customize the radius of the customer search – from a literal match to a very wide search mode that includes every spelling variation imaginable.

The bottom line is that the TOLERANT Salesforce Connector turns a good software into an excellent software. Your customer communication becomes easier, errors are eliminated, manual corrections are reduced. Thus, more efficiency comes into play.

In short: Better data quality, better business.