Data quality in Salesforce

A few handouts to combat erosion in customer databases

Customer data is the indispensable foundation of many business activities, especially cloud-based ones like Salesforce. But like any foundation, customer data is not an eternally stable affair. Viewed from a sober distance, a large customer database is more like a gently but constantly churning ocean: people change homes, jobs, phone providers; they get married, divorced, earn degrees – and even if they do nothing of the sort, their data can change, such as when a municipality changes street names. The statistical findings are clear: if you don’t maintain data, half of an address database will be incorrect after about six years.

Some companies try to protect themselves against such misfortune by hiring supposedly inexpensive helpers from time to time. These are supposed to check and update customer data. One could just as well try to control the tide by putting up signs that read: Dear sea, please hold still! Because of course customers continue to move, they call, their name is mistakenly noted here and there: Mr. Meier, Mayer, Mayr, Meir, Mair, Meijer, Meiyer, Myer, first name Philip, Phillip, Philipp….

In short, data erosion is inevitable. The good news is that there are tools that work effectively against it. For example, the software from TOLERANT, developed and proven over many years of intensive customer support. The TOLERANT-Salesforce-Connector is your access to this expertise. Our products search quickly and precisely, they check customer data for certain standards as soon as they are entered, and they check for duplicates before they are saved.

This improves data quality in the long term. And don’t worry that soulless logarithms will steal your customer contacts away from you: Even the best software cannot stop or completely compensate for the constant movement in databases. Attentive employees who talk to customers in person are irreplaceable. We just support them.