Christmas mail must arrive to “get there” !

Thanks to professional address management, customer data is always up to date

There is little sign of a reflective Christmas season in the distribution centres of postal service providers. It is true that the number of electronically sent items has been steadily increasing for years. But when it comes to sending Christmas wishes or New Year’s greetings to customers, suppliers or interested parties, companies continue to rely on the classics – cards and letters. Every year, service providers face a major logistical challenge.
And every year, countless Christmas mailings fail to reach their recipients. Due to incorrect, non-updated or incomplete address data, many items cannot be delivered at all or only with a delay. The German Post and Telecommunications Association (DVPT) estimates the average daily number of lost mail items at Deutsche Post AG at up to 70,000 letters and 2,000 parcels.
The pre-Christmas period is by far the busiest for all service providers. The number of daily deliveries is on average twice as high as at other times. This increases the risk of non-delivery or late delivery of incompletely addressed items.
During the Christmas season, in addition to correct franking, error-free addressing of your items is more important than ever. Because only with a complete and correct address do you have the best possible chance of reaching your customers at all and, above all, on time.
In order to save unnecessary additional costs due to returns, it is advisable to carry out address cleansing prior to dispatch so that your Christmas mail also arrives on time at the recipient’s address and nothing stands in the way of the festive season.
With TOLERANT Post (as well as our other products) you can check large databases in a short time and keep them up-to-date. In this way, you create a basis for lasting, successful customer relationship.