Pseudonymized customer data

Pseudonymized customer data?

Error-tolerant search & matching in pseudonymized characteristics

If personal characteristics – e.g. name, address, telephone number – are replaced by pseudonyms, similar data records are no longer recognized even if there are minor differences. TOLERANT Software provides a solution for fuzzy searches on fully pseudonymized data. You will then find e.g. Stefan ~ Stephan, although the data reads 43Y…OP3 or 09K…L1R.

TOLERANT Match is our standard product for fast as an arrow, accurate customer search and duplicate detection in large data sets. We have integrated a method described in the literature under the keyword “privacy preserving record linkage”, which is now available alongside other matching methods. In the future, users of TOLERANT Match will be able to easily combine the pseudonymized search with the non-pseudonymized search in one matching process. An independent tool has been developed for the pseudonymization of data. This tool enables party A (data provider) to perform the pseudonymization and to pass the pseudonymized data to party B for further processing. With TOLERANT Match, the following application scenarios, for example, can be easily implemented using the new solution:

  1. Management of blacklists after deletion request by customers
  2. Transfer of customer data for external checks, e.g. sanctions or PEP lists
  3. Calculation of analytical models without explicit customer consent
  4. Disclosure of data for market research purposes without disclosure of identity
  5. Data processing and enrichment by external service providers