Associative memory technology for better data quality

AI based search for duplicates in customer data

TOLERANT Software uses AI-based associative memory technology for the error-tolerant search for duplicates. The TL Match data quality tool from TOLERANT Software thus finds duplicate data records even if they are spelt differently.

Since it was founded in 2009, Stuttgart-based software specialist TOLERANT Software has been using artificial intelligence to develop its data quality tools. Thanks to the use of AI-based associative memory technology, the TL Match software masters the fuzzy search and thus identifies all duplicates in customer master data securely and reliably.

Duplicates are duplicate or multiple data records in a database that often lead to inefficiencies and errors in business processes. The challenge is to reliably identify and clean up these duplicates, which is particularly difficult with large amounts of data and complex data structures.

Associative memory for the AI-based duplicate search

Associative memory, a central element of artificial intelligence, makes it possible to recognise patterns and correlations in large amounts of data. This technology simulates the way in which the human brain associates and stores information. It makes it possible to recognise duplicates even if they contain small deviations or errors. 

The TL Match duplicate check tool uses this associative memory technology to search databases for duplicates in a fuzzy or error-tolerant manner. The tool therefore identifies duplicates even if they contain typing errors, different formats or inconsistent information. It processes large volumes of data quickly and efficiently and adapts to different data formats and structures, making it suitable for use across all industries. In addition, TL Match significantly improves data quality and accuracy by removing duplicates, resulting in more efficient business processes.

With TL Match, TOLERANT Software is setting new standards and demonstrating how advanced AI technologies can be used effectively to overcome complex challenges in data quality management. Further information on the TL Match duplicate checking tool can be found at this link:

The TL Match data quality tool from TOLERANT Software uses AI-based associative memory technology to fuzzily search customer master data and recognise duplicates in an error-tolerant manner. (Screenshot: TOLERANT Software)