Clear-sightedness instead of flying blind

The TOLERANT company search with auto-completion helps you to find customers quickly, save up to 90% time in data entry and improve forecasting and controlling in sales at the same time.

Customer data can be gold mines, but also Bermuda triangles in terms of working time: A medium-sized company invests on average several hundred hours per year in capturing company addresses.

Experience shows that researching and completely entering a company data record with the correct company name, address, commercial register, and industry takes about 5 minutes – 5 minutes that no one has in their day-to-day business. For this reason, company master data is often only created once an order has been placed. Before that, the potential customer remains a phantom – only the sales employee in charge knows about him, the relevant company databases do not. When a company data record is finally created manually, it may be doubted whether everything is reliably recorded completely and without errors; small typing errors often have serious consequences here.

The consequences are obvious: If the data is only recorded when a concrete order is received, long-term planning and effective controlling are hardly possible. Suppliers are flying blind, and incoming orders strike like bolts of lightning from a clear sky.

The solution

TOLERANT Software reduces the time needed to capture a company record by about 90% and at the same time improves the quality and completeness of the captured data. For all this, we provide maximum user-friendly handling. This turns a tedious task into an efficient tool for all steps from forecasting to after sales:

  • An auto-completion – the so-called Fast Completion function – helps you to quickly and purposefully check in your own inventory whether a business partner already exists.
  • Unknown customers can be researched in a data pool of German business addresses and enriched in the same operation with value-added information – such as commercial register number, industry, share capital, persons in the first management level. Both services can be integrated directly into your systems via web service interfaces, so that no media breaks occur.

Example calculation for potential cost savings when recording with TOLERANT software

Customer base: 50,000 customers
New customers per year: 2,500 customers
Time expenditure per year at 5 minutes for manual data entry per customer: 208 hours’
Time expenditure per year when using TOLERANT software: 14 hours

Potential savings: 194 hours
Time saving = Cost saving
Your most important advantage – transparency and smooth processes

TOLERANT Software not only actively contributes to cost savings, but also increases transparency in forecasting and accelerates your sales processes. The greatly simplified operation lowers the inhibition level to store customer contacts early, e.g. in the CRM system. This means that they can be viewed by all authorized employees. This also facilitates deputy arrangements and vacation replacements. The resulting transparent sales funnel for an overview of customer opportunities, starting with the first customer contact, is available to both sales staff and management. At the same time, the good and complete customer data provides an optimal basis for subsequent processes, such as order processing, production, delivery, billing and after-sales.