News about TOLERANT products (05/2017)

Current versions of the products

Our products are currently available in the following versions:


TOLERANT Match 6.0





These days – probably on May 26 – we will release the next version of these products:

TOLERANT Match 7.0


In TOLERANT Match the new field type “Date” is available from this release on, which allows error-tolerant searches in date values in a variety of ways. Not only can date values of different formats be processed, but also incomplete date values can be used in a search (e.g. search for year of birth or year/month).

Another new feature of TOLERANT Match is the so-called proxy mode: A match service can forward queries to another match service. This is used, for example, for transparent pseudonymization when data should not leave the company for data protection reasons, but an external service provider should be involved for certain tasks.

For the simple and secure coupling of a database with a TOLERANT Match Service, you can now use a new tool, the so-called “Asynchronous Database Reader”. Changes in the database are automatically transferred to the Match Service, and maintenance periods of the Match Service are safely scheduled. Last year, the C-API of the products was discontinued. Due to urgent customer interest, it has now been reintegrated for TOLERANT Match. Of course, there are a number of other improvements like individual devaluation of match rules or extended output of performance data in the match cluster, which you can find in detail in the release notes.

TOLERANT Post supports you in the new release in market or target group analyses by enriching addresses with microgeographic socio-demographic population data (CAMEO). The data is available for many European and international countries. For Germany, they include more than 40 characteristics for differentiation by social strata, financial strength, life stage, etc.

For some countries, TOLERANT Post now provides even better results. These include Spain, Hong Kong and Japan.

For TOLERANT Bank a new release is published in these days, which contains the latest changes of check digit procedures of German banking institutions. The release is published as a patch with minimal changes to minimize your testing effort (TOLERANT Bank 6.0 Patch 3).

As usual, all changes and bug fixes can be found in the release notes of the products, either bundled with the product or via our website: Product support


We are planning Release 8 of the products for this autumn (October/November). The following changes or enhancements are planned:

  • For TOLERANT Match, there will be a simplified wizard-guided use of the batch component.
  • The TOLERANT products will get an integrated license check in the future.
  • Our product TOLERANT Data Protect will be renamed to TOLERANT Marketing Permission Management, as this name better describes its primary purpose.