A holistic customer image only succeeds without duplicates

When it comes to duplicates, many spontaneously think of duplicate cover letters. But that is only one side of the coin. Clear customer data is much more important as a basis for decisions and processes. For example, for reliable risk management, for ABC classification of customers and for a 360-degree view, there should be no duplicates in your inventory, otherwise the data basis is falsified.

With TOLERANT Match you can easily and quickly keep your customer base free of duplicates. The software works multilevel and systematically: This starts with a fast, unerring search. Each time a new customer is saved, an additional duplicate check is performed. Your database can be regularly checked for duplicates.

Example: Danger due to duplicates in Risk Management

You want to assign credit limits per customer. For this purpose, the customer data must be uniquely assigned and each customer must exist only once, otherwise you may unintentionally assign a significantly higher limit than intended.

Example: Duplicates distort the ABC classification of customers

You want to look after your best customers in the best possible way. If you now form customer clusters on a sales basis, there is a problem with duplicates: The data is distorted because the clusters cannot be calculated correctly if customers are entered more than once.

Example: Duplicates cloud the 360-degree view

The 360-degree view is an effective tool for analytical CRM and comprehensive customer care by sales. Duplicates cloud the view of your customers: Instead of an all-around view, you only see a small section in the worst case.

The solution: reliable, duplicate-free customer data

For meaningful data without duplicates, we at TOLERANT Software recommend a multi-level and systematic approach. In this way, you can avoid duplicates in advance and keep your customer data free of duplicates in the long term.

TOLERANT Match protects against duplicates

TOLERANT Match is ideal here, because it checks both the inventory and directly during data entry:

  • Fast customer search
  • Duplicate check before saving new customers
  • Inventory maintenance and regular duplicate check

A holistic customer image only succeeds without duplicates

TOLERANT Match can be easily embedded into your system via web service interfaces or via batch call. TOLERANT Match also checks large databases of several million customers quickly and easily.