Clean data for your data analysis

Who needs clean data?

Data mining is associated with a lot of time, money and effort in many companies. TOLERANT’s tools clean up and make your data fit for the next data analysis: fast, automated, thorough and error-tolerant.

With our tools such as TL Match, TL Name, TL Post, you can structure and standardise your data at the touch of a button, enrich it with additional information or remove possible duplicates in an error-tolerant manner.

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Start the analysis faster

On average, companies invest about 80 percent of the effort in a data mining project in data preparation. Only 20 percent goes into the actual data analysis. In principle, this is correct, because the success of the data analysis depends largely on the preparation.

If you want to gain knowledge from your data, you have to be sure that the data is also in first-class condition. Only then will you get reliable and meaningful results.

With TOLERANT’s tools, you can prepare your data for analysis much faster, better and cheaper.

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Your data in top form

Above all, you can be sure that with TOLERANT tools your data is in top shape and delivers optimal results. With TL Match, for example, you can find duplicates accurately and error-tolerantly. Even when matching from multiple sources, you ensure clean data and data free of duplicates. TL Name checks, standardises and structures the name components in your databases and ensures the best data quality for further processing. In addition, TL Name checks the names for plausibility. TL Post standardises the address data in your database, determines geo-coordinates and cleans your databases. To do this, the tool checks, validates and cleanses the respective data components. In addition, TL Post can enrich your data with lifestyle data, making even more targeted and well-founded analyses possible.

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Data mining made easy

You see: TOLERANT tools prepare your data better, cheaper and faster for the next data analysis. Our tools work across systems, automated and error-tolerant.

Make heterogeneous sources usable, remove duplicates, enrich data, check and structure your databases, standardise addresses. TOLERANT has the right tools for you and your data mining project.

For short processes, less effort and first-class results.

Do you want your next data mining project to be faster, cheaper and better?