Company data entry

Find, capture and enrich corporate clients 10 x faster.

Customer data can be gold mines, but also Bermuda triangles in terms of working time. Would you have thought that even in a medium-sized company, the maintenance of company addresses consumes several hundred hours of working time per year? In our experience, it takes about 5 minutes to research and completely enter a company data record with company name, address, trade register, industry, etc. –

5 minutes that no one has in their daily business.

Therefore, company master data is often only created when an order is placed. Before that, the potential customer remains a phantom – only the sales employee in charge knows about him, the relevant databases of the company do not. When a company data record is finally created manually, it may be doubted whether everything is reliably recorded without errors and completely; small spelling mistakes often have serious consequences here.

The solution

With the TOLERANT Software company search with auto-completion you will find your customers in your own database much faster. For new entries, you reduce the time required by up to 90%. At the same time, you improve the quality, completeness and topicality of your customer data – all this with maximum user-friendliness. This turns a tedious task into an efficient tool for all steps from forecasting to after-sales:

  • An auto-completion – the so-called fast completion function – helps you to check quickly and purposefully in your own inventory whether a business partner already exists.
  • Unknown customers can be researched in a data pool of German business addresses and enriched with value-added information – such as trade register number, sector, share capital, persons in the first management level – in the same work step. Both services can be integrated directly into your systems via web service interfaces so that there are no media breaks.

Data entry