DQ tools in the Docker container

Off to the container?

What if it could be even easier to use TOLERANT tools? For this, we pack your tools into practical containers that are located on a so-called Docker host. This host is – similar to a freight container ship – a large container that transports many containers.

Many of our tools are perfectly suited for installation in a container. The benefits for you? You simply access the prefabricated tools in the container – and can start using the tools immediately. Configuration, updates or installation? You no longer need to install anything on your computer or in your system. It becomes much easier: place the container, set up the configuration, start.

What’s more, Docker is the basis for running your TOLERANT tools in the cloud.

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More performance on board

Another advantage: performance bottlenecks can be compensated for quickly and securely. Do you need particularly high computing power at short notice? The containers can be scaled horizontally, which means you can use several containers side by side. TL Post, for example, is very well suited for horizontal scaling.

Container exchange made easy

You get a software update? Nothing could be easier. The container with your tool is simply exchanged. You don’t have to worry about anything, your data is safe and your address data is in top shape with the help of our tools.

Everything simple with the Docker platform

How exactly does it work with the container, you may ask. A Docker host is a platform that packages software into units. These units are called containers. Such a container contains everything that is necessary to use the software: Libraries, system tools, code and runtimes.

TOLERANT Tools im Container

In den Containern befinden sich also unterschiedliche Module, die unabhängig voneinander betrieben werden können. Die TOLERANT Tools können hervorragend in solchen Containern eingesetzt werden. Besonders zu erwähnen sind dabei die Adressprüfung (TOLERANT Post), die Bankdatenprüfung (TOLERANT Bank) und die Namensvalidierung (TOLERANT Name). Auch TOLERANT Match kann sehr gut im Docker-Container betrieben werden.

TOLERANT Tools in the container

The containers therefore contain different modules that can be operated independently of each other. The TOLERANT Tools can be used excellently in such containers. Particularly worth mentioning are address validation (TOLERANT Post), bank data validation (TOLERANT Bank) and name validation (TOLERANT Name). TOLERANT Match can also be operated very well in the Docker container.

TOOLS from the container: The advantages

What are the advantages of running your TOLERANT tools in containers in the future?

  • Installation on the platform is simple and fast
  • For updates, the containers are simply exchanged
  • The containers are the solid basis for the installation in the cloud
  • No more on-site installation on your computer or in your system is necessary
  • You avoid performance bottlenecks with simple horizontal scaling