TOLERANT Software new IT partner of Deutsche Post Adress

Specialist for the exchange of Fuzzy! products

TOLERANT Software GmbH & Co. KG is the new IT partner of Deutsche Post Adress GmbH & Co. KG, the market leader for address updating and research in Germany. The Stuttgart-based software house has developed a solution for updating customer data with the Deutsche Post Adress relocation database. The new matching software TOLERANT Move was certified in a test procedure and has already been successfully integrated as a service for the address maintenance of WGV (Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G.) in their standard software ICIS®.

Until recently, WGV used the data maintenance tools of the former company Fuzzy! Informatik AG. The maintenance of these applications was phased out by SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG, and updated reference data is no longer available. In order not to jeopardise the quality of its address data and thus the customer dialogue, WGV, like many other users of products such as »Fuzzy! Umzug«, had to look for a replacement solution for its address maintenance.

The IT specialists from TOLERANT Software and ICIS® (Insurance Company Information System)developed address management software especially for the insurance company. The module used for proactive address maintenance is TOLERANT Move. This now matches insured addresses against move data in batch mode and updates, documents and logs the matches found. TOLERANT Software chose the Deutsche Post Adress relocation database as the reference database for the matching process. Their move addresses are based on the forwarding service to Deutsche Post and are therefore considered particularly secure.

TOLERANT Move has been tested and certified by Deutsche Post Adress. As a result, TOLERANT Software now regularly receives the current move addresses of Deutsche Post Adress in encrypted form and can promote its matching software as an official IT partner with this exclusive access.

»We are delighted to have gained TOLERANT Software as a partner, an innovative company that excels in providing customised solutions,« said Josef Gatzek and Philip Rürup, managing directors of Deutsche Post Adress. »The expiring support for the Fuzzy! products has caused a lot of uncertainty for some companies, which rightly feared for their data quality. With TOLERANT Software, we can point to an IT partner who is very familiar with the former FUZZY! world and with whose software these companies can use our update data without any problems.«