»Moving is half dying!« (Bismarck)

Fortunately, times have changed since the days of the Iron Chancellor Bismarck. Moving boxes may be as heavy as ever – but dealing with address changes is now easier than ever.

Hand on heart, did you remember to provide comprehensive information about your new address the last time you moved house? We speak from experience. We, too, had not yet unpacked all our boxes when we gradually realised who we had forgotten to inform of our new address despite long lists.

On average, about 22,000 consumers and businesses move every day in Germany. About half of those who move, place a forwarding request with a term of at least six months. This ensures that mail still bearing the old address is delivered to the new address. However, the new address is still far from being in the sender’s data files.

If you don’t want to leave it to chance whether you find out about a move, you should use software for move matching. TOLERANT Move is excellent for inventory matching and of course logs hits for later billing of data usage.

TOLERANT Move uses the “Deutsche Post Adress” data for inventory matching. The lion’s share of the total stock of approx. 8.5 million verified move information is made up of the aforementioned forwarding requests. Unfortunately, their number has been steadily decreasing in recent years. Post Adress has reacted and uses other premium sources: On the one hand, the information that movers themselves give out, and on the other hand, data from selected partners, which, however, are only added to the inventory after verification by public sources.

If you would like to be among the privileged ones who have timely relocation information at your disposal, we can arrange a lucrative partnership with Post Adress for you. Contact us!

Through secondary sources, Post Adress has managed to secure annual increases of approximately 5 million fresh relocation records. This is essential because Post Adress is only allowed to use relocation information for a maximum of 24 months. After that, no more changeovers are allowed.

One more reason to use TOLERANT Move and regularly check the inventory for moves. Your benefit: Up-to-date and deliverable customer data with the opportunity for turnover through functioning customer communication.