»Back to sender«

Every year, around 4.8 million households in Germany move. With an average household size of 1.75 persons, this corresponds to more than 8.4 million people with a new address. And the trend is increasing; because with the course of globalisation, the labour market demands more flexibility and mobility from all of us. In line with this social change, current studies predict a steady increase in relocations in Germany.

For companies, this development means a major challenge in the delivery of postal items. Despite new media and simplified communication channels, the majority of people who move do not inform others about their change of residence, or do so only inadequately. As a result of »moved to an unknown address«, companies and advertisers incur avoidable costs for production, dispatch and processing time associated with the returns – not to mention the loss of the customer.

The Stuttgart-based software provider TOLERANT Software has dealt with this problem intensively and developed a solution that is uncomplicated and at the same time advanced. TOLERANT Move enables regular analysis of the address list for secure moves. This is easy on the budget and permanently relieves the burden on the return mailboxes. For this purpose, TOLERANT Move accesses the Deutsche Post Adress relocation database. This contains all relocation data from the last two years for which the person concerned has not objected to the forwarding of their data in the forwarding request. With this data and the TOLERANT Move solution, it is possible to update the addresses of relocated customers in one’s own customer base at an early stage and also to detect relocations before mail is sent. Mail returns are avoided and the mail is delivered to the addressee. Outdated customer data and high administrative costs for maintaining the address database are now a thing of the past.