Product release TL Match 11.2

More than 400 million new values 

The duplicate checking tool TL Match has been released in a new product version. The release TL Match 11.2 provides the user with a more flexible license design and new options for field assignment. Among other things, 429 million different single values can now be mapped and searched sharply. That is more than 16 times as many values as in the previous version of TL Match.

In the further development of the TL Match duplicate checking system, many suggestions from the field have been taken into account, so that the new product version now meets even more real requirements from real users. Compared to the previous version, TL Match 11.2 offers numerous improvements; the following is an excerpt:

Included now, for example, is the new “maxTokenScoreWeight” calculation method. This method, which was implemented at the request of an authority in Germany, calculates the similarity of duplicates according to the same criteria that are used in daily practice. 

Secondly, output fields can now be flexibly post-processed to the same extent as is already possible with the TL Post address validation tool (keyword: generated output fields). The results can thus be prepared specifically for the respective application and flexibly post-processed. 

For more complex search scenarios, a multi-level search has been fully implemented in the graphical user interface. 

The fourth product feature concerns security. Relevant security holes have been plugged so that the new version of TL Match is now more robust and resistant to attacks.

Another feature relates to licensing. TL Match 11.2 can now be used without a license. A time-unlimited trial license is now embedded in the product, allowing users to start using the software immediately without having to wait for a license file. The trial license is functionally limited, but it allows an uncomplicated start integration into the customer system. 

Like all other TOLERANT products, the TL Match duplicate checking tool has been optimized for the Docker container and can now be used even more easily in common container infrastructures.  

Finally, the biggest benefit for the user is the plain-large field extension that has been implemented with the further development to TL Match 11.2. In the previous version, searches of plain fields were limited to 26 million individual values. In the new version, up to 429 million values are supported for plain fields. The exact, sharp search now covers even more important scenarios for large customers due to the new field type.

Contact us if you would like to try the duplicate check tool in the new TL Match 11.2 version.