Product release TL MPM 2.1

Time recording to the second

The latest product release 2.1 of TL MPM can now do even more. With this new version of our TL MPM marketing permission management software, we offer you even more options for managing your customers’ consents and objections in the context of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These are the two fundamental new features of TL MPM 2.1:

  1. Support for customer relationships

With TL MPM, you can now manage your customers’ consents even more easily and efficiently. Whether it’s newsletter distribution, telephone contact or data analysis – your customers’ consent is key. In the new version, we offer you improved options for managing customer relationships and collecting, saving, archiving and proving all necessary consents.

  1. More precise time recording (now accurate to the second)

We have also worked on precision. With TL TL MPM 2.1, you can now record specific points in time, such as the recording or start time, to the second. This allows you to control your marketing activities even more precisely. We have also fixed minor software bugs to ensure smooth operation.

Find out more about the new features of the TL MPM 2.1 product version here

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