TOLERANT Match Release 11.2


Notices and Warnings

  • Attribute kernelLibName is deprecated and no longer in use. For backwards compatibility it will remain in config.dtd.
  • The title attribute for project was replaced with the new name attribute. Old configurations are still valid and there is no need for adjustments when using older configurations.
  • The docker image is now available via the official TOLERANT Docker Hub site under Go there for additional information regarding usage and best practices.
  • A new version of the TOLERANT license (version 1.1). can now be created and interpreted via the application. It now (among other changes) includes the possibility so set a rate limit The validation is backward-compatible, so that old license will be validated correctly.
  • Integrated new attribute maxTokenScoreWeight to allow new calculation of field scores in MULTISTRING fields. This resolves the need by multiple use cases reported to us by customers. For details please refer to the official manual.

New Product Features

Configuration and Administration GUI

  • TPR-8946: Added full support to configure multilevel search via Admin GUI.
  • TPR-10541: Improved cloning projects via GUI.
  • TPR-10564: New attribute name was added to the configuration elements project, profile and translitRuleFile.
  • TPR-10573: The GUI now allows to reorder the match fields (via drag and drop). This also automatically effects profiel fields and rule fields as well.

Batch Wizard GUI

  • TPR-10794: The wizard component in the Admin GUIs (e.g. when doing an initial load) now fully supports the usage of the forward/back button in the browser.
  • TPR-10798: Added possibility to directly import configurations (created via Batch Wizard) into the installation overview.


  • TPR-6000: GroupIds (match.GroupId) for followups in batch runs are now shown under all circumstances.


  • TPR-9636: Responses of admin-commands „get licenseFile service“ and „check licenseFile service“ have changed.
    • „check licenseFile service“: now contains the „validFrom“ and „validTo“ information of the license file.
    • „get licenseFile service“: changed date format of the „validFrom“ and „validTo“ information of license file.
  • TPR-10532: The environment variable TLMATCH_SERVICE_ID can now be used to overwrite the default value written in the lock table.
  • TPR-10739: Improved and extended validation of path-values with better error messages.
  • TPR-10825: Unique validation for the filepath attribute in log element was added.
  • TPR-11266: Greatly optimized the handling of database connections during the creation of full save points. This provides for more stability in edge cases and especially when using SQLite dbs.


  • TPR-312: It is now possible to configure the JVM separately for Batch and Service via environment variables (see for examples).
  • TPR-3697: The feature „generated output fields“ is now also available in TOLERANT Match (analogue to TOLERANT Post). For further details please refer to the documentation.
  • TPR-9770: Improved handling of unknown enviroment variables when reading the configuration file.
  • TPR-10739: Improved and extended validation of path-values with better error messages.
  • TPR-10958: It is now possible to configure JVM options via specific environment variables (see for examples).
  • TPR-11015: Added new plain field type, allowing more than 429 Mio. different values (up from 26 Mio.). The new field type is PLAIN_LARGE
  • TPR-11047: Configuring unplausible high memory settings in relation to the available free memory on the host system now prompts a warning in console and in the log files on startup.
    This affects the following attributes of the paging bean:

    • maxMemory
    • maxMemoryService
    • maxMemoryInitial
    • initMemory
  • TPR-11054: From now on new docker base images are used (see for reference), for better security and C memory management.
  • TPR-11234: Following changes to the license checking were made:
    • TOLERANT Produkts now ships with an embedded license that can be used for initial product tests.
    • Changes in the license file will be reflected automatically without the need of reconfiguring the service.
    • Both license volume and index volume are checked for each project separately now (before it was checked globally.
    • New rate limiter was implemented, that allows to configure a rate limit via the new license attributes Rate and Period.
  • TPR-11254: Counter metrics used for normalization and synonym replacement are now generated on demand to fasten the startup time of the service.
  • TPR-11409: Integrated new attribute maxTokenScoreWeight to allow new calculation of field scores in MULTISTRING fields.
  • TPR-11609: The artefact (zip file) for the docker variant of the Match 11.2 now contains (among other things) a docker-compose file, which starts the Match docker image and a docker-compose file, which starts a cluster example. For more information about the usage please refer to the shipped
  • TPR-11745: Improved example configurations for batch runs to simplify usage within the docker context and on premise installations. All examples now can be used with the embedded product license.

Fixed Bugs

Configuration and Administration GUI

  • TPR-10632: Improved the usability of adding new logging elements via GUI.
  • TPR-10954: Improved some labels and helptexts in GUI for better comprehensibility.
  • TPR-10963: Improved error handling when trying to update a read-only file via.
  • TPR-11507: The full set of validation errors (not just the first one) are now shown in all cases when validating the configuration via Admin GUI or service.
  • TPR-11585: Reduced data load between Admin GUI and backend service.
  • TPR-11753: Validating and editing cluster configurations now works properly in all cases.
  • TPR-11790: Removed the possibility (via portal) to delete the local installation in which the portal itself is running.

Client GUI

  • TPR-10592: Changed entries in Client GUI dropboxes (for projects and profiles) from the id to name or title attributes to make it more easily notable.


  • TPR-10982: Protocols of batch runs (console and log files) now correctly reflect the amount of processed records.
  • TPR-11045: Improved readability in some cases of Match batch console output.


  • TPR-10305: Disabled fields of type Date are now correctly passed internally. Earlier this could result in incorrect search scores.
  • TPR-10647: The calculating the potential for the unidirectional synchronisation method was corrected.
  • TPR-11315: Get-By-Key lookups using wildcards now correctly process the maxResultCount attribute.
  • TPR-11531: The service startup procedure is now asynchronous, so that all service endpoints and the GUI are available even if the service has not reached its final state. Preliminary states while starting up are now returned correctly, e.g. CONFIGURING or SYNCHRONIZING.


  • TPR-10797: Improved logging of database settings and metrics.
  • TPR-10917: Cleaned up several security vulnerabilities.
  • TPR-10952: Usage statistic for the normalization ist now printed out correctly in all cases.
  • TPR-11146: Licence files (*.lic) are now allowed to have empty strings and line breaks at the end of a line, though its not recommended.
  • TPR-11322: Kernel threads now correctly terminate in all cases when a timeout occurs.
  • TPR-11593: The default path of the temporary directory in the runtime configuration was corrected when using TOLERANT Match in a container setup.
  • TPR-11804: Removed some non used legacy configuration files.

Known Bugs

  • TPR-11733: The values of match.SingleScores and match.Score used in the generated fields could differ frorm their final value when using largeGroups.
  • TPR-11798: Adding remote installations in the portal, that have a lower version than the service in which the portal itself is running, can cause the config check in the portal to show wrong values.