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Important basis for distribution management: postal standardisation

That an address should be complete and deliverable is clear to anyone who wants to get their advertising to the consumer. But in addition to deliverability, a standardised address is essential to correctly sort and evaluate customers in sales processes.

The distribution of territories

Companies with direct sales often work with sales territories that are regionally tailored. In multi-level sales organisations with local sales partners, service territories are often designated for which a partner is responsible. For the assignment of customers to sales territories, characteristics are used that are determined via the postal address or are contained there. This is only successful if the address is checked, standardised and correct. Possible assignment criteria that TOLERANT Post can reliably provide you with are:

  • Postcode / Country
  • Geo-coordinates
  • Municipal code / statistical district

Microgeographical data

You can link external data with the data of your customers within the framework of the legal regulations in order to determine the optimal target group or the optimal location of a branch. Here you receive, for example, statements about the population structure, purchasing power, the economy or about construction activity and buildings in a region. These so-called micro-geographical characteristics are linked to your customer base by means of a region, postcode or municipality code. For this, too, it is therefore necessary to determine the appropriate key on the basis of the address, because this is the only way to achieve the correct allocation.

Evaluation of potential and analysis of regions

With cleanly structured addresses, you are well equipped to analyse and optimise your sales activities. In this way, you can identify untapped potential or negative trends at an early stage and take countermeasures. And best of all: you can address customers and prospects in a targeted manner, reduce costs and avoid mistakes in marketing and sales processes.