News about TOLERANT products 2.1

Current versions of the products

Our products are currently available in the following versions:


TOLERANT Match 2.1




The next major release of all products (3.0) is scheduled for May 2015.


Since the main release 2.0 last autumn, there have been some interesting product enhancements:

With TOLERANT Post 2.1 you now have the possibility to define additional output fields where already existing output fields can be combined very freely, for example to generate address lines. For the content definition several template and script mechanisms are available (freemarker, javascript, groovy).

The cluster solution in TOLERANT Match 2.1 has been completely revised, so that now significantly more use cases are supported. Furthermore, the fault tolerance has been improved.

The Match service has been improved according to a frequently expressed customer request: For easier use, a database lock existing at startup is automatically removed if the lock was created by the same service instance.

With TOLERANT Bank 2.1, international IBANs can now be checked and BICs determined beyond the SEPA area (for approx. 70 countries). This requires additional reference data.

The following new features can already be used for TOLERANT Bank 2.1 and TOLERANT Match 2.1, for all other products they will be available with the next major release: Already during the installation of the products you can now configure HTTPS for a service. Furthermore, it is now possible to register multiple service instances as a Windows service under different names.

New Java version

After April 2015, no further public updates for Java 7 will be provided by Oracle. For this reason, all TOLERANT products up until the main release in autumn 2015 will be migrated to Java 8.


To date, the Java API libraries shipped for TOLERANT products are compatible with Java version 1.4. We will discontinue reliance on this outdated Java version and move to a newer Java version, probably version 6, by the main release in autumn 2015.

The TOLERANT products are used on different platforms. Especially for productive use, these are today exclusively platforms with 64-bit architecture. The application possibilities of the currently still offered 32-bit versions of the products for Windows and Linux are strongly limited. For this reason, we will no longer offer them as of the main release in autumn 2015.