Fuzzy exchange

Fuzzy! Exchange?

Need for action

The products of Fuzzy! Informatik will no longer be supported in the future. Reference data – e.g. for Fuzzy! Post – will no longer be available. Therefore, it is necessary for all customers who have successfully used Fuzzy! products so far to think about a suitable replacement solution.

You are still using Fuzzy! products and would like to replace them soon?

Then get in touch with us. We will show you how easy it can be to replace your fuzzy! products.

Smooth exchange

With TOLERANT products the exchange is especially easy, because TOLERANT products are structurally very similar to fuzzy products:

  • Flexibly usable data quality components for online query or batch operation with mass data
  • Comparable range of functions
  • Similar configuration of settings
  • Similar or identical interfaces for calling the products
  • Comparable system platforms (Linux, Solaris, Windows and other Unix derivatives on request)
  • Comparable or better processing speed
  • Therefore an exchange is possible with low noise

Comparison of the products

TOLERANT product
Fuzzy! Post API TOLERANT Post Service
Fuzzy! Post Batch TOLERANT Post Batch
Fuzzy! Double API TOLERANT Match Service
Fuzzy! Double Batch TOLERANT Match Batch
Fuzzy! Analyzer TOLERANT Name
Fuzzy! BoykottCheck TOLERANT Sanction
Fuzzy! Bank TOLERANT Bank
Fuzzy! Umzug TOLERANT Move

Few steps

We have assisted many customers in replacing Fuzzy! products. Only a few steps are required for the exchange. The adjustments on the side of the integrating systems are often only marginal, because the interfaces are very similar or the same.

  1. Check and document the actual state of the fuzzy installation.
  2. Define target image for TOLERANT products
  3. Set up migration environment, transfer configuration
  4. Adapt interfaces to integrated systems
  5. Migration tests
  6. Optimization
  7. Prepare and configure production environment
  8. Migration to production environment
  9. Start productive operation
  10. Documentation, conclusion

Duration: from 3 months
Expert support by TOLERANT recommended