Customer data, analytics and permissions

How do customer data, analytics and permissions fit together?

Simple answer:

With TOLERANT Marketing Permission Management (MPM), you can clearly collect, manage, and prove consent for analytics. Analyze the behavioral patterns of your customers, meet customer expectations with flying colors and at the same time have all permissions reliably under control, of course EU-DSGVO compliant.


Sounds good?
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Customer Journeys: Customer Data and Permissions

Great customer experiences that turn customers into fans are the goal of a well thought-out customer journey. However, it’s not just customer touchpoint data that’s important for a holistic view. Permissions management is also crucial in the evaluation process. The data may only be collected and analyzed with consent and must also be proven and deleted on demand. How can all this be implemented quickly, easily and automatically?


Legally secure control of all permissions

With TOLERANT Marketing Permission Management (MPM) you can easily implement all requirements for permission marketing. You collect and manage permissions seamlessly and operate effective dialog marketing fully compliant with the EU-DSGVO. Analyze the behavioral patterns of your customers and build the analytical face to your customers. Meet customer expectations with flying colors, find out when the best time to buy is or which product recommendations are promising. And always have a clear overview of all permissions.


Gapless collection, management, proof

TOLERANT MPM helps you to collect all necessary consents seamlessly at different contact points, to manage them centrally and in a legally secure way and to prove them if required:

  • missing consents can be collected effectively
  • EU-GDPR compliant
  • Documents permissions at the person level (in accordance with Art. 7 Par. 1 GDPR)
  • Matching with customer data
  • international solution for Europe-wide use
  • Can be easily integrated into a campaign management system