New product video on sanctions and PEP list matching tools

Film about Compliance Tools

Our brand new product video is dedicated to our compliance products TL Sanction and TL PEP. These two tools are crucial for your business processes because they give you legal certainty and help you to adhere to compliance guidelines.

With TL Sanction, you can reliably check your international business partners, customers and suppliers. The tool compares your customer data with the relevant embargo and sanctions lists as soon as it is entered. This allows you to identify potential hits at an early stage while complying with legal guidelines. The film explains the importance of the sanctions list check and how TL Sanction helps you stay on the safe side.

The EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive requires special due diligence in business relationships with politically exposed persons (PEP). TL PEP is a high-performance software solution that compares your customer data with the PEP lists quickly, error-tolerantly and reliably. The film shows you how TL PEP helps you to identify politically exposed persons easily, automatically and error-tolerantly – whether in real time during data entry or as a regular batch check.

Watch our new video and learn more about the functionalities of our compliance products TL Sanction and TL PEP

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