Practical tips on data protection

Whether it is about the right moment for data protection consent or about how to deal a customer complaint – here are some golden rules from our years of experience in dealing with customers and their data.

  • Ask at the right moment: If you have personal contact with your customers and the situation is suitable, you can ask for data protection consents. Through anonymous contact channels – e.g. via the Internet or on reply cards to advertising letters – you will receive significantly less consent than during a personal contact.
  • Store consents once given and do not ask your customers unnecessarily more than once. If you stay in regular contact with your customers, declarations once given do not lose their validity.
  • Check whether consent has been given before any promotional contact with customers.
  • Reward your customers’ trust with meaningful promotional information.
  • Respond to complaints promptly, with understanding and transparency. If you fully disclose the sources and uses of data, you can win back even disgruntled customers.