News about TOLERANT Products 5.0

Current versions of the products

Our products are currently available in the following versions:


TOLERANT Match 5.0



TOLERANT Post 5.0 


At the beginning of June, the new main release 5.0 was published for all products. Many small improvements and corrections were made, which you can find in the release notes. The products contain the latest Java Virtual Machine version 8 (at the time of their release).

The German manuals of all products have been revised and updated. The previous version of the manuals is still distributed with the products, you can find the new version on our FTP server.

The support of the following countries has been further improved in TOLERANT Post: Italy, Ireland, Spain, South Korea.

For TOLERANT Match there is a new feature “Anonymized Search” to perform the matching of anonymized datasets. Please read the article Oh how good that no one knows…” in this newsletter.

Furthermore, the new mode “Large Groups” has been introduced for self-matches (Match Batch), which maximizes the size of duplicate groups. This allows you to identify duplicates in datasets even better.

If you use a match service with large amounts of data, the following optimization will help you: when loading initial data, significantly less main memory is now required than before.


For the TOLERANT Post and TOLERANT Match products there are libraries in C language for the integration of the web service interfaces into applications. Due to low customer interest, we will no longer support C integration as of the next major release.