News about our products 1.5

Our products are currently available in the following versions:

TOLERANT Bank 1.11 from February 27, 2014

TOLERANT Match 1.30 from February 28, 2014

TOLERANT Move 1.5 from May 3, 2013

TOLERANT Name 1.23 from January 20, 2014

TOLERANT Post 1.36 from March 26, 2014


We are successively integrating two improvements in all products, which above all make operation in data centres easier and more flexible: During installation, the paths for different directories, for configuration, data, programmes, etc., can be freely defined; they no longer have to be below the installation directory as before (currently supported in TOLERANT Bank, Match, Post).

Logging can now be configured much more flexibly. The size of the log files and their maximum number can now be configured. In addition, it is possible to restart log files after a certain time, e.g. daily (currently supported in TOLERANT Post).

We will introduce these changes for those products in which they are not yet available with the next release.

For TOLERANT Bank the check digit method 66 has been updated according to the publication of the Bundesbank. The new IBAN rule 0057 for Badenia Bausparkasse has been integrated, other rules have been updated after consultation with the banking institutions.

In TOLERANT Match, for search fields with type “Multistring”, the result can now be restricted to hits where the character strings of the search form a subset of the fuzzy found character strings of the hits or vice versa. If a match service with a database is used to store the index data, backup points that are no longer needed can now be deleted automatically.

The current version of TOLERANT Post can not only enrich municipality codes and statistical districts (StaB), but also find places and streets belonging to them. The delivery codes of the postal organisation in Great Britain and Switzerland are also new.

TOLERANT Name now supports the integration of PERL scripts similar to the solution offered by the former product Fuzzy!Analyzer. This means that existing PERL scripts can continue to be used.

Outlook for the next product versions

New for input fields is the type “list”. This allows a fixed list of values. In the user interface, an input list (combo box) is automatically displayed for such input fields instead of a text field.

For TOLERANT Bank, new check digit methods and IBAN rules are updated and added according to the publication of the Bundesbank and the respective banking institutions.

In service installations of TOLERANT Match, additional request types will be supported in the future, which allow the asynchronous processing of several requests at once (bulk requests). In this way, change or search operations can be carried out in bundles. This saves a lot of network traffic.

In TOLERANT Post, delivery codes of the postal organisations of Austria, France, Poland, USA and South Africa can be determined.