News about our products (07/2014)

Current versions of the products

Our products are currently available in the following versions:

TOLERANT Bank 1.13

TOLERANT Match 1.31


TOLERANT Name 1.24

TOLERANT Post 1.38

All products were released on 06.06.2014 and are based on the same basic libraries. Thus, the same basic features are also supported in all products.

The next main release is planned for November.


For the main release, the products were standardised and improved in detail.

All products now contain an up-to-date Java Virtual Machine, and the manuals have been updated.

In certain use cases, input fields can only accept some values.

In order to better map such cases, there is now a new field type, which only processes valid input values.

The query interface allows you to reuse previous queries via a query history.

Service installations of TOLERANT Match support additional request types that allow asynchronous processing of multiple requests at once (bulk requests). In this way, change or search operations can be carried out in bundles and a lot of network traffic can be saved.

In TOLERANT Post, delivery codes of the postal organisations of Austria, France, Poland, USA and South Africa can be determined.

TOLERANT Bank has been updated according to the latest check digit methods and IBAN rules published by the Bundesbank (Federal Bank of Germany).

Outlook for the next product versions

The next product versions will, among other things, contain the following new features:

  • It will be possible to anonymise sensitive data in log-files in different ways.
  • A length check will be implemented for all input values, so that data that is too long will either be ignored or limited in length.
  • The administration interface will allow direct configuration of service instances.

TOLERANT Post will display licence keys with additional properties (such as the expiry date) in the interface for simplified administration. The automatic download and activation of new reference data in the “Post Service” will facilitate operation. If it is uneconomical to obtain reference data for a particular country, a cloud service for individual countries can be used via the internet in the future.

Features planned until the next main release

From November onwards, our batch products will support direct access to databases in the same way as read and write access to files. This will simplify the integration of the products into an existing system environment.

TOLERANT Match simplifies the setup of the required database by allowing multiple service instances to use a single database schema. This makes it easier to set up a cluster in particular.