Imperative and freestyle in marketing

Strategic foresight thanks to perfect data quality

At the heart of marketing is communication between providers of services or products and their potential customers. For personal dialogue with customers via digital channels, customer data plays the central role. To ensure that advertising messages reach the right recipient and that a good impression is made on the recipient through a personal, correct address, the data quality must be of a correspondingly high quality.

With TOLERANT products you can secure and improve the quality of your customer master data sustainably. All important aspects of data quality are taken into account, such as the uniform spelling and structure of names, deliverable and standardized addresses, valid telephone numbers, correct e-mail addresses, and the avoidance of duplicates.

But contemporary marketing needs more than just quality-assured customer data. That’s what this newsletter is all about.

You need your customers’ consent to process customer data and address them in campaigns by e-mail or telephone. Marketing processes that require such active consent are called “permission marketing.” Collecting and applying customer consents is the focus of the new product “TOLERANT Marketing Permission Management”. The new European General Data Protection Regulation will add importance to this topic in the future.

Another core task is the selection of suitable target groups for marketing campaigns. If selective characteristics are missing in a customer database, microgeographic data can help. The “TOLERANT Post CAMEO” module uses addresses to enrich your customer master data with statements about the social milieu, potential purchasing power and economic characteristics of the residential area.

Last but not least, you only want to enter into dialogue with customers who do not generally refuse advertising. In order to recognize and consider advertising refusers, you need a reliable process in the campaign selection – with a negative match in TOLERANT Match this can be realized reliably, easily and robustly.

TOLERANT thus offers you the ideal tools for contemporary marketing.