EU GDPR data protection query

So that you can provide information immediately.

This enables you to answer GDPR data protection queries easily and on time. This is because TL Match creates a central search index and brings together the data from their various sources there, for example from the online shop or CRM, ERP, Point of Sales systems.

Data protection request

In the case of a data protection query, TL Match finds all relevant information in a few seconds and across all systems.

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Data protection request

Find customer data up to 60 times faster

The data protection request is in your inbox. Now it’s time to gather all the information quickly in order to respond within the deadline. The EU Data Protection Regulation has clearly defined the deadline for the initial assessment. The conventional parallel search in several systems not only costs a lot of time, it is also tedious and mistakes can happen – for example, if an employee forgets a source or overlooks data. If, on the other hand, you search with TL Match, you will find all the desired data about 60 times faster and without errors. This is because TOLERANT takes up to 2 seconds, depending on the amount of data and the size of your search index, while your employees need at least 10 minutes for the same amount of data. Through a context search, similar and related data records are also found, even if only a few characteristics are entered during the search.

Data protection request

GDPR: Save time and money

This time saving is possible because TL Match creates a central search index. Here, the useful tool brings together all sources relevant to the GDPR, such as ERP, CRM, webshop, PoS or blacklists. In just a few seconds, you can search across systems for those requesting information and find out whether they belong to your customers and where they are stored.

Data protection request

Respond quickly and on time

With TL Match, you are on the safe side: you have made all the preparations required by the GDPR to be able to respond to data protection requests in a timely manner. When you receive a request, you will know within a few seconds in which of your systems the person seeking information is listed and you will be able to process the request quickly.