Digital Transformation & Big Data

Digital transformation & Big Data for successful customer journeys.

Digital Transformation & Big Data for successful customer journeys

The digital transformation is in full swing. It brings great benefits, but also new challenges. More and more data is being collected, processed and used for analyses. To ensure that these huge data sets actually provide useful information for your company, the quality of the data is a crucial success factor. Quality assurance of your data is therefore the first step for the efficient use of large amounts of data.
Our specialists at TOLERANT Software know the requirements that Big Data and the necessary data analyses entail and know which tools and instruments can support you.

Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation – what does this mean for companies?

The digital transformation offers enormous advantages if it is used correctly. For example, companies can benefit from an enormous exploitation potential of digital data. Digitalisation can also bring a lot of thrust within a company. Digital technologies are no longer mere tools to support a business process. Used correctly, they can help to completely redesign an organisation: efficiently and automatically. In this way, many costs and the use of resources can be minimised. In addition, customers today expect to be able to contact a company at any time via different channels. These multi-layered customer journeys must be accompanied by comprehensive multi-channel marketing. This means that customer data is systematically entered at all possible touchpoints and won over for the company or the products.

Big data and data analyses

The digital transformation makes it possible to collect and utilise large amounts of data, across industries and for every company. This has an impact on the structure and processes of a company, because it must adapt to the digital transformation in its entirety. The customer’s requirements are becoming more and more important: they expect to be able to shop anytime and anywhere, to receive quick answers and a high level of service – preferably all in real time. The quality of customer service is also dependent on the quality of the data available to the employees. This is where IT comes in: Large amounts of data – Big Data – must be filtered, evaluated and processed. In order to actually filter out customer-related data and thus shape the customer’s experience, the quality of the data is just as crucial as the tools and instruments with which the data analyses are carried out. An important competitive advantage also lies in the speed with which you can integrate new customer channels and data into your system. TOLERANT Software supports you in using, interpreting and analysing ever new data and data sources.

Customer Journey and Customer Touchpoints

Customers use more and more customer touchpoints at which they come into contact with a company. On the so-called customer journey, the digital journey of the customer, it is therefore important to integrate as many touchpoints as possible. Each of these touchpoints provides you with important data that you can use specifically to convince the customer and win him over. Tailored offers and situational communication are crucial for success. In order for this to succeed, the amount of data in your company must be able to be channelled, utilised and deployed efficiently. TOLERANT Match, TOLERANT Post, TOLERANT Name and TOLERANT Bank are tools that help you merge, standardise and validate data.

Digital transformation big data

Multi-channel and omni-channel marketing

To meet customers’ need for versatile touchpoints, companies today need to be accessible to their customers on as many channels as possible. Today’s customers are mobile and flexible, get more and more information and expect a high quality of service. Successful marketing across many channels (multi-channel marketing) therefore requires that online and offline offers are linked and that the customer can obtain the desired information, services and products everywhere. The goal of winning the customer over can only be achieved with an all-encompassing view of the customer – so that the right offer can be made at the perfect time. This all-encompassing view, in turn, is obtained with a high-quality database that quickly and automatically provides the desired information on the customer profile.

TOLERANT experts at your side

TOLERANT offers you many useful tools to ensure the quality of your data as a basis for digital transformation and Big Data:

  • TOLERANT Match checks whether there are duplicates in customer master data. In addition, the software can be used to enrich and complete
    *-customer data with external sources.
  • TOLERANT Match also brings together data from different sources and touchpoints and allows for a holistic view of your customers.
  • TOLERANT Match searches for customers in large inventories in an error-tolerant way, e.g. for the use in call centres.
  • TOLERANT Post standardises and validates addresses.
  • TOLERANT Name helps to find data entry errors in names.
  • TOLERANT Move finds relocation addresses and provides new addresses of customers.

The TOLERANT team of experts will be happy to advise you on all topics relating to digital transformation and quality assurance of your data.