Collecting data for privacy?

Customer contact today is easier than ever – and more complicated at the same time. Because with the multitude of options, from personal sales contact via telephone or e-mail, an Internet presence or web-based social media, the complexity of data and control processes is also growing. Every player in the market needs to know how and where its customer data is stored. He or she must ensure that customers are asked whether and on which channel they permit further advertising or their data to be passed on. And he or she must respect its customers’ answers at all times.

All of this can hardly be accomplished if declarations of intent regarding data protection are only available as simple checkmarks. Unfortunately, such a symbol is often the only proof provided in the CRM system or in call center applications. However, this can hardly guarantee that customers’ declarations of intent are seen and taken into account throughout the company. Even in the case of queries from your customers, more than one check mark is required for complete proof of all existing consents and rejections.

Based on many years of experience with our customers, we have developed the TOLERANT Data Protect system. It offers a solid foundation for the management of data protection declarations:

  • You store your customers’ declarations in one central location, regardless of the customer touchpoint or channel
  • You get a complete record of the context of the collection (name, address if applicable, customer e-mail, date, source, process context if applicable such as sales)
  • You can query at a central point which releases or blocks customers have given to you (e.g. telephone support or advertising by e-mail)
  • You avoid unnecessary multiple inquiries if customers have already given approvals
  • In the event of critical queries (complaints, requests for information, requests for deletion, revocation of declarations), you are able to provide information and take action
Collecting data for privacy