Completely cloud-able

Completely cloud-able.

This can become reality: Your customer data is in top shape.
The data quality software works quickly and efficiently directly on your cloud platform.

The way there is easier and shorter than you might think: All data quality products from TOLERANT Software also run on your cloud platform. Exactly where your data is.

Whether you want to create a central search index from various sources, search for data duplicates or automatically check, correct and enrich your data: All this and much more also works directly on your cloud platform.

Make it easy on yourself and ask us. As data quality professionals, we have a lot of experience in bringing our products to cloud platforms.

Just give us a call for a free consultation:
Phone +49 711 400 4250.

Pictogram Cloud Computing

The future in sight and in the cloud

Your data is where more and more threads come together now and in the future. Where ERP, CRM, online shop or other systems do their work: on your cloud platform.
So it is only logical that your software for more data quality must also go to the cloud – to the place where it happens.

That’s why all data quality products from TOLERANT Software are cloud-able. Without ifs and buts.

Pictogram Cloud Computing Gear

Running from your cloud, anywhere you need them.

Looking for someone who can get your TOLERANT data quality products up and running in the cloud quickly? That’s exactly what we are here for. We are an experienced partner and bring your products to your cloud platform.

Our goal is clear: we want you to achieve the best possible data quality quickly and easily. We have developed various helpful and useful tools for this purpose. And we make sure that you can use these tools everywhere – also in your cloud.

Pictogram Cloud computing question marks

Advice, guidance and support

How exactly does it all work? What about compatibility, migration and integration? What exactly should go into the cloud? Can’t it be simpler?

Those who deal with cloud platforms often have many questions.
We have the answers.