Clearing up duplicates in the cloud

When the sun is shining, clouds can be quite pretty, but up close they’re foggy. It’s a bit like that with data clouds: from a distance and in a good consumer climate, a swell thing, but on closer inspection, possibly a zone of dangerously poor visibility. Anyone who feeds their customer data into clouds should be sure what they’re depositing there – because faulty input can quickly turn the warm rain you’d hoped for into a disaster that ruins your business.

So let’s not misunderstand each other: This is not a statement against the cloud principle, on the contrary. At TOLERANT Software, we’ve set out to improve the utility of the cloud. The world’s largest provider of cloud-based CRM, the company Salesforce, can indeed optimize your customer relationships in many ways; but it is only in conjunction with the TOLERANT Salesforce Connector that this becomes a precise process. We have constantly improved this through many years of experience with customer databases. Our tools ensure that your good proposals and offers reach the right addressees. That’s what this newsletter is all about: data quality in Salesforce CRM, and beyond. Enjoy reading!